Monday, 20 March 2017

We need some help for our topic work

In topic we are looking at the past present and future. Our focus in room 4 within this is our treasures. What is a treasure? Why do families have treasures? Please talk with your child about treasures that your families have and why. if possible could you send me a photo of the treasure/treasures so that we can write about them next week. You can either send your photo via Class Dojo  or email me on    

thank you Whaea Esther

Swimming Lessons 2017

I have created a wee movie using the pictures from our time at Cannon Creek Pool. The children had a great time getting more confident at swimming.

Whole School Swimming Day

What fun we all had earlier this term out at Waikanae Pools.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Waiting For Our Lessons

We got put into groups based on what we needed to learn. Our groups were blue, green, orange and yellow. We had to wait for room one to have their lessons, then it was our turn.
Blue Group

Green Group 

Yellow Group

Orange Group


For the last two weeks we have been going to Cannon Creek Pool for our swimming lessons. All of the children have enjoyed themselves and I have seen their confidence build. I will be posting photos of our time at the pool.

Onomatopoeia Signs

Easy Blog Photo
This term we have been looking at Onomatopoeia words and what they mean. These are words that imitate the sound it represents. The children brainstormed the words they knew that did this then the chose one and created these lovely pieces of art work.