Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Welcome to Room 4 2015 Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, Caregivers & Family,

Welcome to Room 4 2015. I hope that you all have had an awesome break over Christmas.
We are slowly getting into the swing of being back at school. Children and I are all working hard at getting know each other.

Could I please ask for those families who have not bought stationery yet,  if its possible that I have the packs by this Friday (5th February), so that next week we can all start together in our new books.

Hot Weather
Our class gets very hot quickly, therefore the children are allowed to have drink bottles in class. These need to be named and are allow to go home every night. The children are then able to get a drink anytime without having to leave the class.

After School 
If your child is being picked up by older brothers or sisters and they have a special meeting place could you please let me know so that I can remind your child of where to go after school. Thanks.

If you wish to make contact with me about any issues please feel free to contact me via email. My email address is:

kind regards
Esther Komen


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  2. Kia ora Ms Komen, Jericho is really enjoying being in your class this year and has talked to me about dojo points and how he was nervous on the first day to be in a new class but now he is excited to go to class in the mornings. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks so Lynette. Jericho is settling in really well. He is earning Dojo points everyday. Ms Komen